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EMPRA Self Titled album cover

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EMPRA Empra (Album)

Title : EMPRA
Release Date : 26/05/2012

EMPRA’s debut album. In loving memory of Wayne Thunder.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ricki Rae at Lighthill Sound Recording in Melbourne, Australia in April 2012.

Check out the rockin’ reviews!

“Puts your mind on edge then serves it up with glorious rawk.” The Age

“Full on, but so thrilling on the end of the speaker wire.” Sydney Morning Herald

“The moments of rock genius are prolific and almost overwhelming.” Rave Magazine

“As a debut release, Melbourne dudes Empra’s self-titled album has set the bar high for the future of the Australian rock scene.” Xpress Magazine

“A stage presence reminiscent of Guns n Roses circa 1989.” Forte Magazine

“There would be bands that have been around for twenty years who have never released a record as good as this one, and they probably never will.” Rock Pit Magazine

“Every track is simply amazing and absolutely phenomenal!” The Hard Rock Show

“Lyrics are drenched with emotion, the songs are balanced out beautifully with Veloo’s husky vocals, and the band’s rough-edged guitar and drum work.” Dwarf Magazine

“Through the precision balance of honest emotions driven by the lyrics and the force of the band’s rock sound that sets this album up to be brilliant piece of art.” 59th Sound

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