EMPRA featured on Punk Kills 19 Compilation!


EMPRA have been featured has the lead track of American college rock compilation Punk Kills Vol 19. Released by 272 Records, the compilation featuring an amazing selection of 20 bands from across the globe. Going out to almost all the major college rock radio stations in California this is fantastic exposure for the band.

Punk Kills Vol. 19 is available for purchase now at this link:

ORDER PUNK KILLS VOL. 19These are the Radio stations in California, New York, Boston & Chicago that will be plugging the compilation. If you are in the area, you might wanna give them a call and request “Doesn’t Make Much Sense” now :)


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EMPRA’s first live to air radio interview!

I’ve just finished doing our first live to air radio interview in Australia with 97.1FM 3MDR. It went really well and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. I think in all it lasted about 30 mins. The phone dropped off a couple of times but Chris Heth (the DJ) was really cool about and kept calling me back. Still it was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done, we spoke about how EMPRA formed, the single, a bit about my past from the Boredphucks and The SUNS and our upcoming gigs. We also spoke about Motorhead and Soundwave. ‘The interview started at about 8:10am. I woke up at 7:45am.  It actually feels good to be up early. I think I’ll go shower now. I’m gonna try to get hold of a recording for any of you who might have missed it.


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EMPRA’s press release from our first show Fri 24 Sep 2010

EMPRA’s first show outta the studio will be happening this Friday 24 Sep at the Spanish Club on Johnston St, Fitzroy at 9pm. Please come and be a part  of something special for EMPRA. You absolutely do not want to miss this show. We will be partying it up and having karaoke after the show and you’re all invited to join us.

Take the explosive energy of Foo Fighters, thrown in with Weezer on steriods and an arse kick by Greenday and your pulse will be racing with EMPRA attitude. EMPRA are a band of rock veterans hailing from Melbourne, Australia who will kick your arse and lift your spirits at the same time. Featuring members of The SUNS, Taxiride & The Final Eclipse – Sunny, Matt, Spyder & Gaulty will play their first show since spending the last 5 months preparing themselves behind the scenes, recording an entire full length album and getting the live show to dizzying heights.

EMPRA’s first show outta the studio is one you will NOT want to miss! It takes place at the Spanish Club on Friday 24th of September. EMPRA will be performing new songs off their forthcoming album ‘Yours Sincerely’ in support of One Kind who will be launching their album ‘Mono/Stereo’. Tickets are $10 and available now through Moshtix.

Details: EMPRA First show outta the studio

Address: 59-61 Johnston St, Melbourne

Date: Fri 24 Sep

Doors open: 8pm.


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